Turnbull has given Tasmanians nothing but broken promises

Shadow Minister for Communications Jason Clare today condemned the disrespect with which Malcolm Turnbull is treating the people of North-West Tasmania.

Malcolm Turnbull went to Devonport today and did nothing but blame everyone else for the rolled-gold broken promises of the Abbott Government on the NBN.

The Abbott Government has not just broken the promises they made on education, health, pensions and petrol taxes. They have also broken the promise they made last year to honour all NBN contracts in Tasmania.

Instead of honouring the contracts in place to deliver Labor’s NBN – the real NBN -Tony Abbott put Malcolm Turnbull in charge of rolling out a second-rate version of the NBN in Tasmania.

Tony Abbott is creating two classes of Tasmanians – those that will get the real NBN and those that won’t.

Malcolm Turnbull could not bring himself to tell the people of Devonport the truth today – they are amongst those who won’t get the real NBN.

Tony Abbott also promised that all Tasmanians, indeed all Australians, would have access to the NBN by 2016. That’s now not going to happen. Just before Christmas last year the Liberal Government said they would no longer honour that promise.

All we have had from Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull on the NBN is lies and broken promises. The people of Tasmania deserve better.