Novocastrians tell Turnbull: Give us the real NBN

Shadow Minister for Communications Jason Clare joined Sharon Claydon today to call on Malcolm Turnbull to stop treating the people of Newcastle like second-class citizens and to build the real NBN across the city.

Newcastle will be amongst the first sites in the country to get Malcolm Turnbull’s second rate NBN that relies on the old copper network instead of Labor’s super-fast fibre-to-the-Premises NBN.

Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull are creating two classes of Novocastrians – those that will get the real NBN and those that won’t.

Only the 2,800 homes and businesses in a select area of Mayfield will be lucky enough to get the real NBN. Everyone else in Newcastle will have to put up with a second-rate version that relies on the old copper network.

Malcolm Turnbull should put politics aside and give Novocastrians the real NBN – the NBN they want, need and deserve.

Federal Member for Newcastle Sharon Claydon said that members of the Newcastle community are voicing their concerns.

Reliance on the internet is growing by the day, and some people will be left behind as Malcolm Turnbull’s second-rate copper network rolls out while others are left in complete limbo waiting for any sort of broadband access at all.

Residents and businesses are rightfully asking questions and they just aren’t getting any answers. They want to know what sort of broadband access they will get and when.

Malcolm Turnbull promised that under him the NBN would be rolled out first in the places where broadband access was most needed. This has proven to be just another broken promise.

Residents in places like Hamilton who have access to good quality ADSL are on top of Turnbull’s rollout list whilst the people of Kotara, who cannot get access to even low quality broadband, are still in the dark.

Malcolm Turnbull should start treating all Novocastrians with some respect, abandon his second-rate network and get back to building the real NBN.