Turnbull admits Tony Abbott lied and also reveals Tony Abbott has misled Parliament

This afternoon Malcolm Turnbull has finally admitted that Tony Abbott lied to the Australian people.

On Sky News he said: “Certainly there are cuts. He [Tony Abbott] said no cuts to the ABC or SBS. There are cuts to the ABC or SBS.”

He went on to admit: ” Yes, that promise, if that is a promise, has not been fulfilled.”

Malcolm Turnbull has also revealed that Tony Abbott has misled the Australian Parliament.

Yesterday in answer to a question about ABC cuts the Prime Minister said: “As for the ABC, what this government is doing with the ABC is applying for the first time in 20 years an efficiency dividend. That is what we are doing. We are applying an efficiency dividend to the ABC.”

When asked about this in the same interview Malcolm Turnbull said: “It is not an efficiency dividend” and “This is not an efficiency dividend”.

Malcolm Turnbull is clearly not happy about being the axe-man for Tony Abbott’s broken promise not to cut the ABC and this afternoon he has thrown his Prime Minister under the bus.

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