Tony Abbott’s Christmas present to Australia: An old, out of date copper network

Merry Christmas Australia.

This Christmas Tony Abbott is giving you a $5 GP tax, four barnacle backflips, a new $300 million cut to the ABC and SBS, two new NBN taxes and an old, out of date copper network.

Today Tony Abbott has bought back the copper network that John Howard sold last century.

To keep it working he is going to have to spend billions of dollars over the next decade – and all Australia will get from it is a second rate NBN.

According to a leaked NBN Co report written in September last year for the incoming Abbott Government it could cost billions over the next decade just to maintain this old copper network.

This is a copper nail in the coffin of the NBN. It’s not the NBN most Australians want. It’s a second rate copper version of the NBN.

The Government and Telstra have both got everything they wanted in this deal. The Government has got its old copper network back and Telstra has got its $11.2 billion plus more – more construction work on the NBN.

The losers in this deal are millions of Australians. They end up with a second rate NBN.

Whether it’s climate change, Knights and Dames or the NBN, this Government is stuck in the past.

With Christmas almost upon us the Abbott Government seems desperate to throw out the political trash while no one is looking. This week we have had two new NBN taxes, the axing of universal wholesale pricing and now this. Stay tuned for one more next week.