Turnbull’s $3 million cut to Bankstown Hospital

Bankstown Hospital will lose $3 million in funding as a result of Malcolm Turnbull’s cuts to public hospitals over the next three years.            

Malcolm Turnbull has torn up the hospital funding agreement that the last Labor Government signed with the State Governments.

That means hospitals Australia wide will get $715 million less over the next three years than they otherwise would.

Bankstown Hospital needs more money not less.

It’s already bursting at the seams – particularly the Emergency Department.

Mr Clare has launched a campaign to expand the Emergency Department with his colleagues State Member for Bankstown, Tania Mihailuk, State Labor Candidate for East Hills, Cameron Murphy and Federal Labor Candidate for Banks, Chris Gambian.

“The Emergency Department desperately needs to be expanded,” Mr Clare said.

“The waiting area is often full to overflowing and there are not enough beds.”

Ms Mihailuk said the Emergency Department was only going to come under more pressure.

“The Emergency Department was 10 percent busier last year than it was the year before and it is expected to get 40 percent busier by 2026,” Ms Mihailuk said.  

The latest data indicates that only 57.7 percent of patients who present to the Emergency Department with an imminently life threatening condition are seen within the recommended 10 minutes.

In comparison, 87.4 percent of patients at St Vincent’s Hospital were seen within the recommended 10 minutes.

“These cuts by Malcolm Turnbull will just put our hospital under more pressure,” Mr Gambian said.

“$3 million cut is the equivalent of what it costs to look after 4,805 patients in the Emergency Department,” Mr Murphy said.

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