Malcolm Turnbull Cuts $20 Million From Local Schools

Malcolm Turnbull is cutting $20 million from our local schools to pay for his $65 billion big business tax cut.

Federal Member for Blaxland, Jason Clare said: “This cut will hurt our local kids going back to school and make it harder for them to get the education they deserve.”

“These cuts are the equivalent of sacking 3 teachers from every local school. This means less attention paid to our children, and less help with the basics like reading, writing, and maths,” Mr Clare said.

“What kind of Prime Minister rips money off schoolkids to give it to multinational companies? These cuts prove just how out of touch Malcolm Turnbull is.”

The independent Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) has calculated that NSW government schools will lose $856 million of federal government funding over the next two years (2018 and 2019) alone.

The Federal Government is cutting $17 billion from Australian schools over the next 10 years.

A Shorten Labor Government will stop Malcolm Turnbull’s cuts to schools – Labor has announced we will restore every dollar the Liberals have cut.

Ensuring every child gets a decent education is one of Labor’s top priorities.

ISSUED: 29 January 2018
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