18,000 Bankstown families hit by Turnbull’s latest cuts


18,000 local families in Bankstown will be hit hard as a result of the Turnbull Government’s latest rounds of cuts.

The cuts to Family Tax Benefits, will mean a family with two children on an income of $60,000 will be $750 worse off per year.

A family with three children on $75,000 a year will be $1000 worse off.

Malcolm Turnbull also wants to cut the pension, leaving single pensioners $365 a year worse off and couples about $550 worse off.

Mr Clare said these cuts show how out of touch Mr Turnbull really is.

“He wants to rip money from the pockets of ordinary families and pensioners and at the same time wants to give big business a $50 billion tax cut,” Mr Clare said.

“Mr Turnbull says he wants to help families with the cost of living but he’s slashing support to local families.

“$1000 might not sound like much to Malcolm Turnbull, but for local families that makes a big difference.”

New mums and young people in our local area are also in the firing line, with Malcolm Turnbull wanting to:

  • Cut Paid Parental Leave: 70,000 new mums will have their Paid Parental Leave cut by an average of $5,600.
  • Force young jobseekers to wait five weeks for Newstart: Malcolm Turnbull wants young jobseekers to wait five weeks before they can access Newstart. This will force young people under the age of 25 to live off nothing for five weeks.
  • Cut support to young people between the ages of 22 and 24: More than 600 young people in Blaxland will be pushed from Newstart on to Youth Allowance, losing around $48 a week, or almost $2,500 a year.

Labor will always to stand up for Australian families by protecting them from these harsh Liberal cuts.

Media Contact: Chris Zogopoulos 02 9790 2466