Kids’ Dental Scheme cuts hit hard in Bankstown


Local families in Bankstown will be hit hard by Malcolm Turnbull’s decision to axe Labor’s Child Dental Benefits Scheme.

The scheme provides more than 32,000 eligible children in Bankstown with up to $1,000 in treatment from the dentist of their choice every two years.

Health Department figures show kids in Bankstown were among the highest users of the scheme in Australia.

Mr Clare said these cuts will have a devastating impact on the young families in Bankstown.

“This scheme has helped thousands of local kids get their teeth fixed. Many of these kids had never before been able to see a dentist,” Mr Clare said.

“The Government is instead trying to push local kids onto already overcrowded waiting lists for public dental services, where people are already waiting years for treatment.”

The Turnbull Government has tried to hide the cut by announcing a new, less generous scheme. But the Australian Dental Association has denounced the announcement as a “smoke and mirrors” trick, while the National Oral Health Alliance says “the federal Government is walking away from providing direct funding for dental care”.

The Government has itself now admitted that scrapping the Child Dental Benefits Scheme will cut $1 billion out of government spending on dental care.

“A spokesman for Ms Ley confirmed the $1 billion cut.”

                                                               ABC NEWS ONLINE, 23 APRIL 2016


This is just the latest in a long line of attacks on dental health programs by the Liberals which has seen:

  •  $390 million cut from adult public dental services, worsening dental waiting lists across Australia.
  • $225 million cut from Labor’s program to build dental clinics in regional Australia and nursing homes.
  • $125.6 million already cut from the Child Dental Benefits Schedule.

Now, with the Prime Minister too weak to consider serious tax reform, it appears the Liberals are resorting to yet another attack on health.