Abbott Government cuts program to get young mums back into the workforce

Just before Christmas the Abbott Government advised local community organisation, Karitane that it will no longer receive funding for its Talking Realities that has been running across Bankstown, Fairfield and Liverpool Local Government Areas for seven years.

This $152,000 funding cut will mean that Karitane will no longer be able to help young women pursue formal education and training to get them into the workforce after having a child.

The Talking Realities program also incorporates peer support and school-based education presentations about the realities of young parenting.

“Tony Abbott says he wants to get women back into the workforce after having a child. Then he goes and cuts a program like this that does exactly that. It doesn’t make sense,” Mr Clare said.

Young women participating in the program are disappointed and feel let down by the Government’s decision to cut funding to the Talking Realities Program.

One of the young women who participated in the program said that Karitane’s Talking Realities program has not only helped her get an education and practical training but also develop her self-confidence so she can better participate as a member of her community.