Abbott Government abandons Holroyd community in an emergency

Just before Christmas the Abbott Government advised local community organisation, Holroyd Community Aid that it will no longer receive Emergency Relief funding to assist people experiencing financial crisis.

Today, Shadow Minister for Families and Payments, Jenny Macklin MP joined fellow Labor colleagues Federal Member for Blaxland, Jason Clare MP, Federal Member for Parramatta, Julie Owens MP, Holroyd City Council Mayor, Clr Greg Cummings, Candidate for Granville, Julia Finn and Candidate for Prospect, Hugh McDermott met with the team of volunteers at Holroyd Community Aid.

Holroyd Community Aid has provided this emergency service for the Holroyd community for 48 years, and has helped more than one million people in that time – currently assisting 2,500 people in crisis every year.

This $184,000 funding cut will mean that Holroyd Community Aid will no longer be able to provide food and chemist vouchers, nappies, clothing, blankets and assistance with water and electricity bills to local residents in financial crisis.

“This just shows how out of touch Tony Abbott is. The Prime Minister has made it a priority to knight Prince Phillip but can’t provide emergency assistance for people who can’t afford to feed their kids or keep a roof over their heads,” Mr Clare said.

“This is a cruel cut that will hit our community hard.

Julie Owens, Federal Member for Parramatta said it was an underhanded move and the cuts have completely blindsided many organisations.

“By contacting organisations right before Christmas, they haven’t even been given a proper chance to look for further funding or fight these cuts.”

“This confirms that this Government is intent on attacking the most disadvantaged in our community.”