Blaxland MP Honours Veteran

The medal was presented at the home of retired Chief Petty Officer Kenneth Pumpa in Yagoona as he was unable to attend the official presentation.

The official presentation was held at Bankstown RSL on Thursday 17th April when Jason Clare and Daryl Melham presented medals to 15 other servicemen and their families.

Mr Clare said “It was important to honour and remember the service and sacrifice made by the many men and women in defence of Australia.”

Kenneth Henry Pumpa served in the Defence Force from 1941 to 1989. During that time he served on the Melbourne, Australia and aircraft carrier Sydney.

Mr Pumpa joined the Navy in 1941, he left in 1946 for a short time but rejoined again realising that the Defence Force was where we wanted to be. Later he worked for the Air Force at Villawood.

“When I retired after 48 years service they gave me a terrific send off, standing up and waving,” Mr Pumpa said.

Kenneth Pumpa has marched alongside his fellow Australian servicemen on Anzac Day but will be unable to do so again this year due to a recent knee and hip operation.

Mr Clare also wished the 15 local high school students travelling to Gallipoli this weekend well.

“ANZAC Day is about honouring and remembering the service and sacrifice of people like Kenneth Pumpa and it is great to see that the memory of the ANZACs will be carried on into the next generation,” Mr Clare said.

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