From Little Things Big Things Grow

During a recent visit for their “Return to School” day, Jason was shown a DVD made by students in 6A retelling the story of Vincent Lingiari and the Gurindji people. The DVD interpreted the lyrics of the song “From little things big things grow.”

“It was very moving. Students from year six rein acted the story told by Kev Carmody and Paul Kelly. None of the children are Aboriginal, all have backgrounds from outside Australia, many are of Asian heritage….far removed from the struggles of Vincent Lingiari and his people.” Mr Clare said in Parliament.

As the song goes:

“A tall stranger who appeared in the land.
And he came with lawyers,
And he came with great ceremony,
And through Vincent’s fingers poured a handful of sand.”

“The man who poured the sand through Vincent’s fingers was the same man who helped pour the concrete that built Cabramatta Public School. His name was Gough Whitlam.” Mr Clare said in his speech.

With the help of their teacher Adam Williams, the class interpreted the lyrics, developed the theme, researched, directed and acted out the story, organised the props and worked on the editing.

“These children may never meet any of the Gurindji people. They may never visit the Northern Territory’s Victoria River District. But they know about the Wave Hill Walk-Off, they know what Vincent Lingiari achieved, and they know that from little things big things grow.” Mr Clare in his speech.

The DVD is called “From little things big things grow”.

“It is a message with much meaning for the children of my old primary school. And it is a message with meaning for us here too.” Mr Clare said.

Chris Zogopoulos
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