Information for Struggling Residents: Debt Relief Information Kit Launched

“People facing financial pressure need to be aware of all the options available to them,” Chris Bowen said.

“Homeowners, particularly those in Western Sydney, need to be aware that there are options available to them, this kit will give them these options.”

“Western Sydney is the mortgage capital of Australia,” Mr Clare said

“More homes are repossessed here than anywhere else in Australia. That is why we have put together this kit”.

“The purpose of the Debt Relief Information Kit is to provide a practical guide for those under severe financial stress that outlines important steps that can be taken to avoid further financial difficulty’,” Mr Bowen said.

“The Debt Relief Information Kit gives people the information they need to help themselves”.

“The mistake many people make is they wait until it’s too late to get financial help – when the banks are about to foreclose or the sheriff is at the door, Mr Clare said.

“If you are under financial pressure, it is important you seek help immediately.”

The Debt Relief Information Kit provides easy to read information with important contact details that can help make the difference between going under and staying afloat.

A broad range of topics are covered relating to:

  • Managing Your Debt;
  • Getting Free Advice;
  • Alternatives to High Cost Credit;
  • Legal Assistance;
  • Dispute Resolution; and
  • Multilingual Services

“Most importantly, the Debt Relief Information Kit series presents information in a way that it makes it more accessible and understandable for users,” Mr Bowen said.

As always the Debt Relief Information Kit is an ongoing project. If you have anything you believe is relevant that can be added please contact either Chris Bowen’s or Jason Clare’s office respectively.

The Debt Relief Information Kit will be available free of charge to residents from the 2nd of July by calling either Chris Bowen’s office 9726 4100 or Jason Clare’s office on 9790 2466.

Media Contact
Chris Zogopoulos  T: (02) 6277 4903