Maxine McKew meets with local child care directors

The directors of twelve local preschools spoke with Maxine McKew and Jason Clare about ways to invest in the education of children, before they get to school.

Mr Clare told the meeting that only 60 per cent of four year olds in our local community are enrolled in early education before school. The national average is 80 per cent.

“The childcare experts said that the two biggest obstacles to increasing participation in early education were cost, and the fact that many parents don’t recognise the importance of early education in their children’s development.

“The Federal government has committed to delivering universal access to Pre School for all four year olds by 2013,” Mr Clare said.

Susan Kanisek from Lilliput Kindergarten in Yagoona said, “It was great to be able to sit down and talk with Maxine McKew, the person who makes the big decisions about early education in this country.”

“We were able to tell Maxine how things are at the local level.

“We got to tell her about the importance of practical training of early education teachers,” Ms Kanisek said.

Delighted with the opportunity to meet the people running preschool and child care centres in the local community, Maxine McKew agreed to meet with the group of local directors again later in the year.

Chris Zogopoulos
: (02) 9790 2466