Bankstown Children’s Festival to benefit from a $5,000 Community Relation’s Grant

“This funding will assist the Children’s Festival to deliver this special event which promotes respect, fairness, inclusion and a sense of belonging for everyone.

“I would like to congratulate the Children’s Festival on receiving this grant. Festival President Thuat Nguyen and his fantastic team are helping to build a better local community – a shining light to the rest of the world,” Mr Clare said.

When told of funding a very grateful Mr Nguyen said, “we are very happy to have the support of our Federal Government, this year’s festival is going to be our biggest yet. “

The Bankstown Children’s Festival hopes to help build a cohesive society by breaking down social barriers between cultures by bringing together children in this annual celebration.

“Blaxland is where the new Australia is being forged – a courageous, cosmopolitan, cohesive country, where being Australian is not about where you come from but about where you are going.

“I am so pleased to support the Children’s Festival. Building a new Australia starts with our children – ‘playing together and living in harmony’, ” Mr Clare said.

This year the Children’s Festival is celebrating their 10 year anniversary.

“I look forward to sharing this wonderful day with all the children and their families and I encourage everyone in our local community to get involved in what will be a fantastic and fun filled day,” said Mr Clare.

Chris Zogopoulos
T: 9790 2466