Jason Clare’s Gift to Cabramatta Public School

The framed flag flew above the House of Representatives on the day that Mr Clare gave his first speech to Parliament on 18 February 2008.

Jason Clare was a student at Cabramatta Public School between 1977 and 1983.

“It’s great to be back at my old school, to give you this special gift.

“Cabramatta Public School gave me a great start in life and this is a small way to say thank you,” Mr Clare told the students.

“Cabramatta Public School has been helping people like me and children from all over the world to get a great start in life and its still doing this today. In my first speech in Parliament I spoke about Cabramatta Public School and said,

“eighty per cent of kids starting kindergarten (at Cabramatta Public School) speak little or no English. Few can spell their name. But give it three years and their literacy and numeracy skills are at or above the state average. What a powerful message that sends.”

Principal John Rice said, “It will be fantastic to have a flag of that size and of such importance, to have in our school hall where we have our assemblies,”

“In the past our students held the flag up on stage. Now we have a big one that they can look up to on the wall,” Principal Rice said.

Jason also conducted a ‘mock parliament’ with the students to teach them how parliament works. Students were elected to play the part of Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition, Ministers, backbenchers and parliamentary officers like the Hansard Reporter and the Sargent at Arms.

“The best way to teach how the parliament works is to give students the opportunity to have a go at it themselves. Children debated whether the monkey bars should be removed from the school playground. The students voted 63 to 50 in favour of removing the monkey bars. The Bill now goes to the Senate (School Teachers) to decide if they agree. The final decision will be made by the Governor General, Principal Rice,” Mr Clare said.

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