Thank You

In Parliament Mr Clare said,

“Their generosity is a testament to the character of Western Sydney. Not the Western Sydney you normally read about in the paper or see too often on the TV, but the Western Sydney I know and grew up in.

“Nothing that we do can restore the lives that have been lost, but we can help to rebuild the ones that have been broken.

The people I represent know this is possible. So many of them have fled war, famine and disease in search of a new life, a better life in Australia.

They are proof that we can rebuild, that in the midst of great suffering life can begin again. Their generosity is proof of the unyielding, ever renewing Australian spirit.”

Every one of the 52 schools in Blaxland raised funds in support of the bushfire victims. Their contributions totalled $90,735.45.

Many local community groups, clubs and businesses in Blaxland also raised funds for the bushfire victims. They include the Salvation Army, Yagoona and Cabramatta Lions Clubs, the Vietnamese Mutual Support Association, the Bankstown Sports Club, the Cabravale Diggers, Bankstown RSL, Red Cross and Bunnings.

Julio Grutillini, President of the Cabramatta Community Centre, collected money with Mr Clare at Cabramatta Railway Station on his 73rd birthday.

Mr Clare said “He told me, this is the best birthday present ever. The generosity of our local community has filled my heart with joy.”

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