Supporting local jobs: Local Employment Coordinator announced

“Our local area has been hit harder than most by the global recession – unemployment is now 8.9%. That’s why the Prime Minister has made us a priority area backed by a Local Employment Coordinator and a $650 million Jobs Fund,” Mr Clare said.

“Mark has been appointed to help coordinate action on the ground to protect and support local jobs,” Mrs Irwin said.

“While the impacts of the global recession are being felt around the nation, Fairfield in particular is experiencing higher levels of unemployment and disadvantage, which is why his appointment is of critical importance to our area,” Mr Bowen said.

“Fairfield’s Local Employment Coordinators will work with local community stakeholders to bring together government, community and business partnerships to assist the people who need the help most.

His job is to:

  • Ensure there is a rapid response to helping workers who are made redundant
  • Coordinate government, community and business partnerships to stimulate the local economy and
  • generate new job opportunities ? Broker agreements between all tiers of government and strengthen community links.

“It’s a tough job. There’s no magic wand but by working with government, local business and community organisations we can help get unemployment lower than it otherwise might be,” Mr Clare said.

“Australia is the only modern advanced economy not in recession, but we have to do everything we can to keep unemployment as low as possible. That’s what this is all about – extra support for areas like ours that have been hit hard by the global recession,” Mr Bowen said.

“Mr King has been selected for his experience and strong links to our local community. He was the CEO of Spectrum Employment Services Co-Op, a non for profit community organisation providing employment assistance to disadvantaged people in Sydney’s south west. Mr King will also work towards developing apprenticeship opportunities and building the skills the local community needs for the future,” Mrs Irwin said.

Media Contacts:

Tim Quadrio
Jason Clare MP, Member for Blaxland
T: 9790 2466

Nathan Alexander
Chris Bowen MP, Member for Prospect
T: 9726 4100

John Alam
Julia Irwin MP, Member for Fowler
T: 8786 1004