Work begins at Bankstown Arts Centre

The new centre which is scheduled to be completed by November next year, will be a multipurpose arts venue specialising in music, film, visual arts, theatre, dance, literature and new media.

The project has been jointly funded by the Rudd Government under the Community Infrastructure Program $3.15 million, Arts NSW $1.75 million and Bankstown City Council $900,000.

“I’m glad to see the Federal, State and Local Governments all kicking in to help our local community,” Mr Clare said.

“This is great news for local tradespeople. About 35 different trades will work on the Arts Centre over the next 12 months,” Mr Clare said.

Mr Melham said “Bankstown has a rich tradition in the Arts which the Bankstown ArtsSociety, for example, has contributed to. This Centre will be their new home.”

“Bankstown is well known for its sporting heroes: Konrads, Waugh, Thorpe, Thomson and Pascoe are all household names but what is often forgotten are our many artistic achievements. Artists like Australian Idol winner Casey Donovan, Paulini, ACDC, Human Nature and Brian Brown – all from Bankstown,” Mr Clare said.

“What was once the Bankstown Olympic Pool where champions like John Konrads trained will now become a first class Arts Centre which will produce some of the great artists of the future,” Mr Clare said.

“Building the Arts Centre will provide local jobs and encourage greater participation in the Arts,” Mr Melham said.

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