BUDGET 2011/12 – Creating Jobs, Helping Families, Delivering on Mental Health

Federal Member for Blaxland, Jason Clare MP and Federal Member for Banks, Daryl Melham MP, welcomed the Government’s fourth budget which will help create jobs and opportunities in Bankstown.

“This budget will drive opportunities for families and young people and help to create 500,000 jobs by investing in training, education and job creation.” Mr Melham said.

Delivering on Jobs

“Unemployment in Bankstown is 8.4 per cent, almost double the national average of 4.9 per cent. Training and education is the key to changing this,” Mr Clare said.

“There are 2,360 long term unemployed people in the Bankstown area.

“Many struggle to find work because they don’t have the training and skills needed.

“The Budget provides $1.28 million in funding from 2012 – 2015 to provide training and work experience for long term unemployed people.”

• Apprentices

The Government will encourage apprentices to complete their apprenticeship by providing them with a $1,700 payment to stay in training.

“Only about 50 per cent of apprentices complete their apprenticeship,” Mr Clare said.

“This payment will help more than 4,500 local apprentices in our area to complete their trade qualifications.” Mr Melham said.

• Delivering for Families

The Budget also provides extra support to families and low income earners.

The Government has made changes to Family Tax Benefit Part A for teenagers (aged between 16 and 19).

“We know the cost of raising teenagers does not go down when they turn 16. That is why we have made changes to the Family Tax Benefit A,” Mr Clare said.

“Around 7,100 local families could be eligible for an extra $4,200 per child to help with expenses.”

• Delivering on Mental Health

The Budget includes a $2.2 billion Mental Health Reform package.

“This is the largest Commonwealth commitment to mental health services in Australia’s history,” Mr Clare said.

This package will provide more intensive support services, with 90 Headspace clinics as well as early detection to support young people who struggle with mental illness.

Mr Melham said “While many countries around the world are still struggling to pick themselves up from the GFC, Australia’s economy is strong.”

Media Contacts:

(Clare) Chris Zogopoulos (02) 9790 2466

(Melham) Deborah May (02) 9774 2111