Black Spot in Bankstown to be fixed

Federal MP’s Tony Burke and Jason Clare joined State Member for Bankstown Tania Mihailuk and Mayor of Bankstown Councilor Khal Asfour on an inspection of the Stacey Street and Greenacre Road intersection where traffic signals have been modified as part of the Federal Labor Government’s Black Spot Program.

Funding has been allocated to install a right turn phase on the traffic signals.


The project was recommended by a panel of independent road safety experts with the work expected to be completed by the end August.

Mr Burke said the funding for this intersection would be an important step in reducing the risk of crashes.

“Stacey Street is such a busy road with constant traffic. Trying to turn onto Greenacre Road from Stacey Street can be extremely difficult as the lights there have no right hand turning phase. It’s a situation that can prompt people into making dangerous turns. This funding makes sure that this intersection will be safer than it ever was before.”

Jason Clare said “the good thing about our Black Spot program is that anyone can suggest an intersection or section of road they believe should be considered for a safety upgrade.”

“Nomination forms are available from my office. Alternatively, they can be downloaded from:” Mr Clare said.

State Member for Bankstown Tania Mihailuk said “Local commuters have raised legitimate safety concerns with the Greenacre Road and Stacey Street intersection which has been backed by a panel of independent road safety experts.

“I am pleased that the Federal Government is allocating funding towards the much-needed right turn phase at this intersection,” Ms Mihailuk added.

Mayor of Bankstown, Councilor Khal Asfour was pleased to see the project completed.

“This is a great example of how local government can work closely with the Commonwealth on important community projects,” Mayor Asfour said.

The Black Spot Program is part of the Federal Labor Government’s commitment to reduce crashes on Australian roads.