Jason Clare condemns violent protest

Jason Clare, Member for Blaxland, today condemned last weekend’s violent protest in Sydney.

“I strongly condemn the violence which occurred on the streets of Sydney over the weekend. It has no place in the Australian community.

“People who engage in acts of violence should, and will be prosecuted.

“Eight people have been arrested and seven people have been charged for public order offences.

“NSW police are investigating to identify others who may have offended during the protests.

“I also welcome the strong response to the weekend’s events by Samier Dandan from the Lebanese Muslim Association, and other leaders of the Muslim community.

“They condemned the actions of the protesters, and stated that the protest was not organised or endorsed by leaders of the Muslim community.

“Australia is a proud democracy. This includes a right to peaceful protest, but there is no place for the sort of violence we saw of the weekend.

“While these events were occurring, I was attending the Bankstown Children’s Festival.

“The Children’s Festival brought together kids from the different ethnic groups and religions that make up Bankstown to encourage understanding between different cultures, faiths and religions.

“Children are not born racist – it’s something they are taught. They are taught to hate, they are taught to be violent – by adults.

“I think there is a lesson in that for all of us.