16 local high schools in Blaxland will miss out because of more Coalition cuts

Local high schools will lose up to $24 million to build Trade Training Centres.

The former Labor government committed $2.5 billion to build Trade Training Centres in every high school to address skill shortages in traditional trades and emerging industries.

This includes state of the art mechanical workshops, carpentry workshops, engineering workshops and construction workshops.

The Abbott Government has cut this important program.

“This is a disgraceful and short-sighted decision by a government that clearly doesn’t care about the young people in our community,” Mr Clare said.

“Every high school in Australia was going to benefit from this program. Now most of our local high schools will never get a Trade Training Centre.

“In August Georges River Grammar and Bankstown Senior College were allocated over $2 million to build an engineering workshop and a woodwork facility. Now this won’t go ahead.

“A lot of young people in Bankstown want to get a trade when they finish school. Learning a trade at school is a smart idea. Tony Abbott’s decision to cut this program is a big mistake,” Mr Clare said.