Bankstown to be hardest hit by $6 upfront fee on GP visits

Bankstown will be hit harder by Tony Abbott’s doctor tax than almost anywhere else in Australia.

Figures released by the Commonwealth Parliamentary Library indicate that Blaxland has the second highest rate of bulk billing in Australia.


“98.2 per cent of all visits to the doctor in Blaxland are bulk billed. That means almost every single person in our local area will be hit by this new tax”, Mr Clare said.

“Tony Abbott’s plan to introduce a $6 tax every time you go to the doctor will cost local residents about $8 million a year”.

“For 30 years Medicare has been making healthcare affordable and accessible for Australians – this is now under threat from Tony Abbott and his Government”.

“A lot of people have contacted my office over the last few weeks about the government’s plan to put a tax on going to the doctor.

“This is just going to put more pressure on Bankstown Hospital” said Mr Clare.

“Australians should get the healthcare they need, not the healthcare they can afford”.


Mr Clare is encouraging people in Bankstown to sign his Medicare petition, opposing the Abbott Government’s plan to charge patients an upfront fee of $6 to see a doctor.

To sign the petition, or for more information, please visit  or call Mr Clare’s office on 9790 2466.

Media Contact: Chris Zogopoulos 9790 2466