A win for local residents of Guildford

Federal Member for Blaxland, Jason Clare, has successfully lobbied the NSW Government to make the intersection of Woodville Road and Guildford Road safer, by giving motorists designated right turn lanes onto Woodville Road.


The NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) will add an additional lane on Guildford Road on each approach to Woodville Road. This will provide a dedicated left turn lane, a dedicated right turn lane and one through lane.

“This is a win for the local residents of Guildford and South Granville. The intersection is a well-known blackspot.

“Local residents have been screaming out for this to happen and I am glad the NSW Government has finally listened,’ Mr Clare said.

Local resident Azzam Youssif said, “This is good news. I’ve seen many bad accidents here over the years and I’m glad this intersection is being fixed.”

In a letter from the NSW Minister for Roads and Ports, Mr Duncan Gay advises the work is expected to start in July 2014.

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