Labor saves support payments for children and orphans of war veterans

In the final week of Parliament before the pre-budget recess Labor successfully opposed the Abbott Government’s plans to cut support payments to the children and orphans of war veterans who have been killed or injured while serving overseas.

Labor moved a motion in the House of Representatives, which the Liberal’s blocked. 


Labor was able to pass the motion in the Senate however, ensuring payments would continue to the 1,200 children and orphans of war veterans.

Unbelievably, Liberal MPs voted in both Houses to cut the payment.

As a result of Labor’s actions, Children of war veterans will continue to receive a Centrelink payment from the Government of around $215 per-year. The total cost to the budget is around $250,000.

Labor MPs Tony Burke and Jason Clare were part of the fight to keep the payments.

“This just shows again this Government’s priorities are wrong. They want to cut small payments to orphans and cut funding for schools, but they want to give rich families $75,000 to have a baby. Tony Abbott is out of touch,” Mr Clare said.

“I cannot accept that Tony Abbott can find the money for his gold plated paid parental leave scheme that is unfair, and on the other hand wants to cut support payments to children and orphans of war veterans. The last thing the Government should be considering is cutting this assistance.” Mr Burke said.

ISSUED: 8 April 2014

MEDIA CONTACT: Chris Zogopoulos (Mr Clare) 02 9790 2466