Message to Tony Abbott: Don’t cut Jobs Expos and our Local Employment Coordinator

Federal Member for Blaxland, Jason Clare MP today called on Tony Abbott not to cut Jobs Expos and Bankstown’s local employment coordinator in next week’s Federal Budget.


The electorate of Blaxland has the highest unemployment rate in the country. It is currently almost double the national average.

“Jobs are the most important issue in our local area. We need more of them, a lot more of them. The last thing we need is for Tony Abbott to cut our Jobs Expos and our local jobs coordinator,” Mr Clare said.

The Jobs Expos run by the previous Labor Government were very successful. They helped create about 2,000 jobs in Bankstown and 28,000 jobs nationwide.

“It is like a jobs supermarket. It puts employers looking for workers and people looking for work in the one place, and it works,” Mr Clare said.

Mr Clare created the Australian Jobs Expos during the Global Financial Crisis when he was Parliamentary Secretary for Employment.

In 2009, David Puckeridge was appointed as the Local Employment Coordinator for South Western Sydney.

David works with local employers, community groups and all levels of government to coordinate actions to protect and increase local jobs.

He also assists retrenched workers and other job seekers to connect with employment and training opportunities.

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