Tony Abbott’s $15 Doctor Tax will cost local families $20 million

Federal Member for Blaxland, Jason Clare is calling on Tony Abbott to rule out a new $15 tax to go to the doctor in next week’s budget.

“If this goes ahead it will hit our community harder than almost anywhere else in Australia.


“It will cost local residents about $20 million in bills they don’t have to pay now,” Mr Clare said.

Figures released by the Commonwealth Parliamentary Library indicate that our local area has the second highest rate of bulk billing in Australia.

“98.2 per cent of all visits to the doctor in Blaxland are bulk billed. That means almost every single person in our local area will be hit hard by this new tax.

“The $15 tax is recommended in Tony Abbott’s Commission of Audit Report released last week.

“It also recommends a number of other changes that will destroy Medicare.

“Medicare was created by the Hawke Labor Government and it means that everyone gets the health care they need, not the health care they can afford.

“If Tony Abbott goes ahead with this it will mean we will get taxed more and get fewer health services.

“The people of Bankstown shouldn’t have to foot the bill for Tony Abbott’s broken promises and twisted priorities,” Mr Clare said.