Budget of Broken Promises will hit Bankstown hard

Federal Member for Blaxland, Jason Clare MP has condemned the Abbott Government’s Federal Budget and the impact it will have on the people of Bankstown.

This is a budget of broken promises that will hit our community harder than most.

Local families are already struggling to make ends meet. They can’t afford Tony Abbott’s new taxes and broken promises.

The Local Hit List:

1. New $7 tax to go to the doctor – this will hit Bankstown harder than most. 98.2 per cent of all visits to the doctor in Blaxland are bulk billed. It is also a broken promise. Tony Abbott promised no new taxes.

2. New petrol tax – This will hurt everyone who has a car in Bankstown. Every time you go to the petrol station you will be giving more money to Tony Abbott. It is also a broken promise. Tony Abbott promised no new taxes.

3. Cuts to the pension – This is another broken promise and it means pensioners will get less than they would have under the existing system.

4. Increased cost of medicines – changes to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme will mean people in Bankstown will pay more for medicine.

5. $80 billion cuts to schools and hospitals – this means less funding for our local schools and Bankstown Hospital.

6. Increase to university fees – this will make it harder for young people in our community to get a university education.

7. $477,800 for CCTV in Bankstown – Cut

8. $150,000 to upgrade Jensen Park – Cut

9. $167,240 to upgrade Bankstown Multicultural Youth Service – Cut

This is what Liberal Government’s always do.

In 1996 when the Liberals were elected they shut the Bankstown branch of the Australian Taxation Office, Department of Immigration and the Australian Hearing Centre and we lost over 1000 jobs. Now they are hurting Bankstown again.

The people of Bankstown have every right to feel betrayed by this Budget of broken promises.

Before the election the Tony Abbott promised no cuts to health, no cuts to education, no changes to the pension, no new taxes and no tax increases. He has broken all these promises.

Tony Abbott’s Budget means families will pay every time they see the doctor and pay more every time they fill up the family car.

Before the election the Prime Minister promised no change to pensions. In his first Budget, Tony Abbott will cut pensions and will force Australians to work longer.

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