Migrant women have their say on the Budget of Broken Promises

Federal Member for Blaxland, Jason Clare MP today spoke about the Abbott Government’s Federal Budget and the impact it will have on women at the Migrant Women Workers Community BBQ.


The Community BBQ, organised by local community organisation, Asian Women at Work Inc. was attended by over 100 migrant women concerned about how the budget will affect them and their families.

Single mother, Shuang said she was grateful for the opportunity to voice her frustration and concerns.

“I am most concerned about the $7 GP tax. This budget punishes those of us in the community who are already doing it tough. Access should be based on need not the ability to pay,” Shuang said.

Asian Women at Work Coordinator, Ms Lina Cabaero said the budget is very divisive.

“Instead of uniting the community, it magnifies the gap between the most vulnerable and disadvantaged and rich people and businesses – it should be fair and equal for all,” Ms Cabaero said.

“It is important for everyone in our community to have the opportunity to voice their concerns and ask questions about what this budget will mean for them.

“I will take your stories with me to Parliament when I vote against the $7 GP tax, the increase in university fees and the cuts to the pension,” Mr Clare said.

Media Contact: Jamie Wassef 02 9790 2466

Issued: 10 June 2014