Treasury documents reveal Hockey knew his unfair budget would hurt pensioners

Secret Treasury documents released under Freedom of Information reveal that local pensioners will be $131.80 worse off every year as a result of the Abbott Government’s new GP Tax and hikes to the pharmaceutical co-payment.

This is in addition to cuts to the pension and other measures that will hurt pensioners in the Budget.

The secret documents reveal that pensioners would have to pay $61.80 more in PBS co-payments, as well as $70 for the GP Tax, capped at ten visits a year.

“Labor warned the GP Tax and PBS hikes were unfair and should be scrapped. Now we have proof that Joe Hockey knew this too,” Mr Clare said.

“This may not seem a lot of money to Joe Hockey, but for pensioners every dollar counts.

“Our community will be hit harder by the GP Tax than almost anywhere else in Australia.

“98.2 per cent of all visits to the doctor in Blaxland are bulk billed – that’s the second highest rate of bulk billing in Australia.

“The GP Tax and PBS hikes are unfair and should be scrapped. Local pensioners can’t afford these new taxes.”

The Treasury documents can be found at

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