Revealed: Abbott’s cuts will rip $211 million out of our local schools

Information from the Australian Parliamentary Library has revealed that Tony Abbott’s cuts to education will mean $211 million will be ripped out of schools in the Blaxland electorate over the next ten years.

That’s a cut of more than $20 million a year, every year, for our local schools.

This is part of Tony Abbott’s $30 billion in cuts to education over the next decade.

“This just shows that Tony Abbott doesn’t get it. Education is not a cost, it’s an investment and these cuts are going to hurt local kids.

“These cuts are equivalent to sacking one in seven teachers.

“This is also a rolled-gold broken promise.

“The night before the election Tony Abbott promised “no cuts to education”. Well this is a cut, it’s a broken promise, it’s a big one and a bad one and it will hurt our local community.”

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