New Petrol Tax hits Bankstown this week

From this week, everyone in our local community will pay more for petrol because of Tony Abbott’s new $2.2 billion petrol tax.

The nature of the tax means low and middle income Australians will be hardest hit by the increasing petrol tax with a greater proportion of their income now going towards filling up the car.

“This petrol tax will hit our community harder than most. People in Bankstown are already struggling with the cost of living – the last thing they need is to pay more tax every time they fill up the car,” Mr Clare said.

“Despite promising no new or increased taxes before the last election, Tony Abbott is making us pay more petrol tax.

“We will pay around $19 billion more for petrol over the next decade.

“That’s an extra $135 every year, over the next five years.

“The people of Bankstown have every right to feel betrayed by another one of Tony Abbott’s broken promises.

Tony Abbott promised that –

“Taxes will always be lower under a Coalition government.”


From today, everyone who drives a car will pay for Tony Abbott’s broken promise from their own pocket.

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